Android ArrayAdapter update

I have this ArrayAdapter and i want to update the list items to show new items but my problem is that i don’t know how to clean the first list i create in app and the adapter then how to create a new one

public final class CustomList1 extends ArrayAdapter<String> {

    ImageView image;
    private String[] photos;
    private String[] urls=null;
    private Activity context=null;
    private String[] post=null;
    private String[] title=null;
    private String[] username=null;
    private String[] category=null;
    private String[] id=null;
    Bitmap mIcon11 = null;
    public View listViewItem=null ;

    public CustomList1(Activity context, String[] photos, String[] urls, String[] post, String[] title, String[] username, String[] id, String[] category) {
        super(context, R.layout.image_list_view1, photos);

        this.context = context; = photos;
        this.urls = urls; = post;
        this.title = title;
        this.username = username;
        this.category = category; = id;


    public View getView(int position, View convertView, ViewGroup parent) {
        LayoutInflater inflater = context.getLayoutInflater();
        listViewItem = inflater.inflate(R.layout.image_list_view1, null, true);
        TextView textViewURL = (TextView) listViewItem.findViewById(;
        TextView textViewTITLE = (TextView) listViewItem.findViewById(;
        TextView textViewUSERNAME = (TextView) listViewItem.findViewById(;
        TextView textViewID = (TextView) listViewItem.findViewById(;
        TextView textViewCategory = (TextView) listViewItem.findViewById(;
        image = (ImageView) listViewItem.findViewById(;

        Picasso.with(context).load(urls[position]).resize(200, 200).into(image);

        return listViewItem;