Broadleaf Integration Test load time weaving issue

I am able to successfully build and deploy site and api jar with broadleaf 5.2 in tomcat8. However I am having trouble running spring integration tests.

I added the spring instrument jar in the test classpath. I use gradle

test {
  jvmArgs '-javaagent:' + project.rootDir + '/lib/spring-instrument-4.3.9.RELEASE.jar'

The problem is, spring context fails to load whenever I use spring-instrument

The error seems to be domain scanning issue. The exception is same as mentioned here
failed to START THE API

except the error shows almost all of the domain classes. Not just URLHandlerImpl

The solutions proposed are specific to tomcat8 and only when using web.xml.
Since in the integration test, I am using spring test context framework for loading context, those options are not applicable.

If I don’t use load-time-weaving, I get error in domain auditable listeners when setting audit fields.

How can I make spring test work with load-time-weaving support?