Can I mock some static methods only using powermock+mockito+junit?

I am writing a test using junit + mockito + powermock.

I have a class like which I want to test:

public class MyUtils {
    public static Object method1() {} //I want to mock this only
    public static void method2() {}   //I want to keep this as is during my test.
    public static void method3() {}   //I want to keep this as is during my test.

I want to mock only method1 but not method2 or method3.

public class MyTest {

    public void setUpBeforeClass() throws Exception {

    public void test1() throws Exception {

        MyUtils.method3(); //method3 is getting mocked with an empty implementation by PowerMockito


Can I have some methods be mocked and some not be mocked i.e. they keep their original implementation during the test. Is this possible with mockito + powermock?

My test may not look very elegant but I have simplified my usecase before posting here.

Thank you.