Cant connect postgresql database with angular 4 via java

I hava postgresql database and then i connect it to java model all was good and working. After that i try use Angular 4 to create UI of my application, but something wrong and then i start the application, i see just button “Show more goods!” without first md-card.In browser i dont have error. If someone see what i do wrong please say it to me.(sorry for my bad english). show import)

public class GoodsController {
private static Logger logger = (Logger) 

private final GoodsService goodsService;

public GoodsController(GoodsService goodsService) {
    this.goodsService = goodsService;

@RequestMapping(value = "/goods/all", method = RequestMethod.GET)
public ResponseEntity<?> findAll() {"Getting all goods");
    List<Goods> resultList = goodsService.findAll();
    return new ResponseEntity<List<Goods>>(resultList, HttpStatus.OK);


import {Component, Inject, OnInit} from "@angular/core";
import {GoodsServiceImpl} from "../service/igoods.service";
import {Goods} from "../model/goods";

    selector: 'goods',
    templateUrl: '../../assets/html/goods.component.html',
    styleUrls: ['../../assets/style/goods.component.css']
export class GoodsComponent implements OnInit {

goods: Goods[];

constructor(@Inject('goodsService') private goodsService: GoodsServiceImpl) 


ngOnInit(): void {

findAll(): void {
        .subscribe((goods: Goods[]) => this.goods = goods),
            (error => alert(error.message));


import {Injectable} from "@angular/core";
import {Headers, Http, RequestOptions, Response, URLSearchParams} from 
import "rxjs/add/operator/toPromise";
import {Observable} from "rxjs";
import {GoodsServiceImpl} from "../igoods.service";
import {Goods} from "../../model/goods";

const ALL_GOODS_PATH = 'api/goods/all';
const ONE_GOODS_PATH = 'api/goods';

export class GoodsService implements GoodsServiceImpl {

constructor(private http: Http) {

findAll(): Observable<Goods[]> {
    return this.http.get(ALL_GOODS_PATH)
        .map((response: Response) => {
        .catch((error: any) => Observable.throw(error));


<md-card *ngFor='let oneGoods of goods'>
<img md-card-image src='/assets/image/001.jpeg' alt='picture'>
<div class='card-footer' color='primary'>
    <button md-raised-button color='primary' [routerLink]='["/goods",]'>Read more...</button>
<button md-raised-button color='primary'>Show more goods!</button>


import {Observable} from "rxjs";
import {Goods} from "../model/goods";

export interface GoodsServiceImpl {

findAll(): Observable<Goods[]>;

getOne(id: number): Observable<Goods>;

save(goods: Goods): Observable<Goods>;


import Cities from './cities';
import {Users} from './user';
import Categories from './categories';

export class Goods {
  id: number;
  title: string;
  description: string;
  city: Cities;
  author: Users;
  price: number;
  created_date: Date = new Date();
  category: Categories;