Could someone get me started with converting this code into a function? [on hold]

I am trying to convert my already written code into a function but I am having trouble. Could anyone re-write the snippet of code below into a function so I can get an understanding on what to do.

    package functions;

     import java.util.Scanner;

    public class functions {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {

    Scanner kbd = new Scanner(;
    File priceFile;

    double entreePrice[], beveragePrice[], dessertPrice[];
    entreePrice = new double[3];
    beveragePrice = new double[4];
    dessertPrice = new double[2];

//Load Meal Prices from File
    priceFile = new File("pricefile.txt");
    priceSC = new Scanner(priceFile);
    entreePrice[0] = priceSC.nextDouble();
    entreePrice[1] = priceSC.nextDouble();
    entreePrice[2] = priceSC.nextDouble();

    beveragePrice[0] = priceSC.nextDouble();
    beveragePrice[1] = priceSC.nextDouble();
    beveragePrice[2] = priceSC.nextDouble();
    beveragePrice[3] = priceSC.nextDouble();

    dessertPrice[0] = priceSC.nextDouble();
    dessertPrice[1] = priceSC.nextDouble();