Error during initialization of VM on fresh eclipse/Java install

I’ve just installed the JDK 9 and eclipse-java Photon (the .rar that you can download from their webpage).

  1. Opened eclipse for the first time + Set the workspace.
  2. Configured some visual things.
  3. Created an empty project (some test package -> some test Class).
  4. Tried to run it (a 100% EMPTY Class, just an empty main() and that’s it).
  5. Got this error (the ‘D:Boludeces’ displayed path is not at all related with any installation of eclipse nor JDK/JRE. That’s confuses me).

I’m not sure what’s wrong here. I’m using Windows 7 64-bits. Software versions (both of JDK/JRE and eclipse) are 64-bits also (completely sure about that), so they should be complatible with each other.
The Run configuration is also completely untouched.
Those are my installation paths:

eclipse: D:Boludeces ^_^ProgramasCarpetas de programaseclipsejava-photon.

eclipse’s default workspace: D:Boludeces ^_^ProgramasCarpetas de programaseclipseWorkspace.

JDK: C:Program FilesJavajdk-9.0.1.

JRE: C:Program FilesJavajre-9.0.1.

Some useful pictures below:

1 CLASSPATH environment variable

2 PATH environment variable

3 Other Java’s environment variables

2 java -version on cmd

Do somebody has any ideas? Thanks in advance. Best regards,