How to update contrib.xml file for old project?

I’m trying to run fc-xmldiff, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be maintained. Seems that this project requires ant, which I had to find, download and psudoinstall. Once done, I was able to attempt to start setting it up, which is some type of automated script which downloads dependant projects.
However, some of the projects that it depends on also not available at their original location.

The log information I’m getting is:

      [get] Getting:
      [get] To: D:Projectsfc-xmldifftrunkjavacontribjarxmlpull_1_1_3_4c.jar
      [get] Error opening connection
      [get] Error opening connection
      [get] Error opening connection
      [get] Can't get to D:Projectsfc-xmldifftrunkjavacontribjarxmlpull_1_1_3_4c.jar

Looking around the project, there is a contrib.xml file that seems to be the issue, as it is pointing to a location that is not there anymore.

<!--- XMLPull API -->
<wget id="xmlpull-api"
      sha = "25df3046aed28cb0e774e5cf7d8437bc1bee00f3" />

I’ve found the file referenced by this page, but the file is a zip file, so this isn’t just a matter of simply replacing the URI. There appears to be another file that is downloaded in the contrib.xml file that is a zip file but I’ve not been able to quite figure out the right syntax, and finding out the syntax of this file is also being elusive.

This is very frustrating as I’ve been trying to find a 3 way diff that works in the context of a XML file for 3 days now, and all I’ve found are roadblock after roadblock. 🙁