Is there a way in Reactor to ignore error signals?

I have an array of multiple URLs and ports. For each of them, I need to send and receive something back:

    .flatMap(tracker -> 
               ConnectToTracker.connect(tracker.getTracker(), tracker.getPort()))

I communicate with the servers in UDP so I can’t tell if a server is alive or not unless I send a message which ‘by some set of rules, need to respond to it.

ConnectToTracker.connect may send a onNext signal if the server response or onError signal if, for example, the server doesn’t response (SocketTimeOutException) or any other failure (general IOException).

I don’t want to terminate the flux if, for example, the onError signal is equal to SocketTimeOutException. Instead, I would like to try communicating with every tracker I got.

This link contains all the operations I can use to handle errors but not ignore them.

I’m using Reactor 3 if this matters.