Java Game – Pick up Item and Look around Function

I have been creating a java text game but I am stuck trying to figure out on how to implement the last 2 methods. I want it to print out the items in the room and the name of the npc thats in the room (A sort of a Look function). I am not sure on how to go on about it. Any help would be appriciated.

Room[] place = new Room[]{station, UC, Ollies, lounge, palace, AT301};
Sword sword = new Sword();
Thing heal = new HealthPotion();
Thing armour = new Armour();
Thing trap = new Trap();

and for the NPC

public abstract class Player{

//abstract attributes
private String name;
private int currentHealth;
private int maxHealth;
private int damage;
private Room currentRoom;
private int stack;
private int effect;

//Constructor for player
public Player(String name, int currentHealth, int maxHealth, int damage, int effect, int stack){ = name;
    this.currentHealth = currentHealth;
    this.maxHealth = maxHealth;
    this.damage = damage;
    this.effect = effect;
    this.stack = stack;

public String getName(){ return name;}
public int  getCurrentHealth(){ return currentHealth;}
public int getMaxHealth(){ return maxHealth;}
public int getDamage(){ return damage;}
public Room getCurrentRoom(){ return currentRoom;}
public int getEffect(){ return effect;}
public int getStack(){ return stack;}

public void setCurrentHealth(int currentHealth){this.currentHealth = currentHealth;}
public void setMaxHealth(int maxHealth){this.maxHealth = maxHealth;}
public void setDamage(int damage){ this.damage = damage;}
public void setCurrentRoom(Room room){this.currentRoom = room;}
public void setEffect(int effect){ this.effect = effect;}
public void setStack(int stack){ this.stack = stack;}
public void enter(Room room){ this.currentRoom = room;}

//abstract method because each player has a different attack;

public void takeDamage(int damage){ setCurrentHealth(this.currentHealth-damage);}

public boolean isDead(){
    if(this.currentHealth<=0){ return true;}
    return false;


I was able to make everything functional except the Look function for the player. I can’t figure out how to go on about it.