JAVA – How to access a “parent” object from object created by GSON as part of an arrayList

I have a JSON string i get from an api. Using GSON I am able to parse it into its respective objects and display it to the user.


   "msg":"Event List Created.",
         "eventTitle":"My Test"

I use two classes to allow GSON to create the objects from the string.

public class Event{
    // I create an arrayList of the room objects...
    private ArrayList<Room> rooms;

I tried to create a reference in the Room itself but obviously it can not be set by GSON

public class Room{
    private String roomId;
    private String roomName;
    private Event event;

    public Room(String roomId, String roomName, Event event) {
        this.roomId = roomId;
        this.roomName = roomName;
        this.event= event;

How can I get GSON to reference the Event from each Room it creates?