Java SWING: Reloading GUI without disposing it

I have a JFrame with a JList Component inside. The JList recieves its data from a textfile.

And I have a button, which opens up a JDialog where I can add a new Dataset to the Textfile (where the list gets its data from). When I m finished adding a new Dataset through the Dialog I close it. The Problem is that my JList doesnt show the change (it only loads its data via an Import Method when opening the JFrame for the first time). So I m trying to implement a method that reloads all components on the frame (incl. the JList) and import the fresh Data back into the JList.

I ve tried different ways for that, but after the “Reload of all Components” is done, my ListSelectionListener doesnt work anymore and many weird bugs are happening all over the place. Here is my latest code for the important Method:

  public void reloadAllGUIComponents()
    gui.initiateNewMeasurementList();//This method just reloads all components with "new Component" for each one.
    catch (IOException e)
                "IO Error!", "IO Error", JOptionPane.ERROR_MESSAGE);

I use this method right after closing the JDialog, so it updates the JList with the newly added data.

I had it working when I use dispose() Method on the Frame and reopen the GUI from scratch, but I dont find that solution to be very good.

I have 2 classes for the GUI and 1 class for the Dialog. For that reason I think its not good to add the code. I m quite sure that a SWING Expert will know what is the problem. Thanks in advance!