Java Web Start Application No Longer Being Cached In Java “Application” Cache

We have an application that uses Java Web Start that we have been developing for many years. However, recently the application is no longer appearing in the Java cache “Applications” section but the resources are appearing in the “Resources” section. Another Web Start application of ours still appears in the “Application” section of the Java cache as it always has.

Every time we launch the application that is not being cached all content is being downloaded… which makes sense if the application is not being cached.

The only real difference between these two applications is that the one not showing up in the Java cache is built using JDK 8 source/binary format while the other is built using JDK 6 source/binary format.

I found this question which seems to exactly describe what we’re experiencing, but there are no answers or solutions:
Java web start successfully launching jnlp, but does not create an entry in the cache viewer under “Applications”