JSF don’t populate Managed Bean

i’ve got a xhtml that before was a jsp. Before, when it was jsp, the page insert the data inside the bean. Now the page recognize only one field

        <h:outputText value="Inserisci il tuo nome da inserire" />
        <h:inputText value="#{utente.nome}" id="in1"></h:inputText>
        <h:outputText value="psw"></h:outputText>
        <h:inputText value="#{utente.psw}" id="in2"></h:inputText>
        <h:commandButton value="Submit" action="benvenuto"
            actionListener="#{utente.insertUser}" />
        <h:commandButton value="Esci" action="uscita" />

The method of the bean and the annotation

@ManagedBean(name = "utente")
public class UtenteBean implements Serializable.....

    public void insertUser() {
    try {
        ws.insertUser(getNome(), getPsw());
    } catch (RemoteException e) {
        // TODO Auto-generated catch block

I don’t underst why psw is null