[Json][Java] Clueless into how to parse this text. Using a library

I’ve been assigned in my college to make an work without any preparation and i don’t have any idea on how to use JSON correctly to read this:

{ "af": [
 ["a", "b", "0", "1"],
 ["0", "1"],
 [ ["a","#","0"], [a,0,b], [a, 1, a], ["b", 0,"a"], ["b", "1", "b"], ["0", "0", "0"], ["0", "1", "1"], [1,0,1], [1 ,1, 0] ]

I’ve tried looking into some examples in the internet but no clue into how to use this. I’m trying to make this assignement with java and i was using the Json library json-simple. Could someone help me ? Like really no clue. I’ll keep searching more examples.

Mainly my problem would be that to “have” parts of this json i would have to use jsonObject.get(“name of stuff”); but the only name i have to use in this function is the “af” … and dammit i can’t out-think this, is Af an array of arrays ? is it a List ? i’m kindda stuck in here.