JSP looping through a mysql table on a jsp and displaying it

While refactoring my JSP to query my DB, I had this table below being cycled through, so it would be displayed on the page each showing up as a new table row. I’m having trouble getting the table to display the table data inside of the table row information. Before it was looping and pushing the new table data in each one of these, now it’s only pushing the first row of the table into the table, and the rest of the table displaying is out side of the table on the JSP. Can you help me fix this.
To start I have the table data pushed into a list of cars, and the connection all in one method. I am getting the data out through like the following.

    <table border="2">
    <tr class="tblHeader">
        <td>Car ID</td>

        Table table = new Table();
        List<Car> cars = table.getTableConnection();
        String renting;
        for (Car c : cars) {
            int id = c.getId();
            String year = c.getYear();
            String make = c.getMake();
            String model = c.getModel();
            String color = c.getColor();
            String avail = c.getAvailable();