Kotlin Data Class packaging

Kotlin introduces the wonderful concept of Data Classes. These classes will derive the equals()/hashCode(), toString(), getters()/setters(), and a copy() function based on the properties declared in the constructor:

data class KotlinUser(val name: String, val age: Int)

In Java, this would look something like:

public class JavaUser {
    public User(String name, Int age) {

My question is about the packaging of these data class files in Kotlin. Coming from Java I would store JavaUser in its own Class file under: org.package.foo.JavaUser

Due to the simplicity of a Data Class, do we store Data Class files the same way in Kotlin? (I.e. org.package.foo.KotlinUser and separate files for each Data Class). Also, is it frowned upon to store multiple Data Classes in one Class file?:

org.package.foo.DataClasses contains:

data class Foo(val a: String, val b: String)
data class Bar(val a: Int, val b: Int)

I looked around in the idioms/coding style sections of the Kotlin Documentation and could not find anything about this (maybe I skimmed past it though).