Ng-admin menu links to listView not working with backend

I have an ng-admin application with java backend. After setting an entity i want to add menu tab clicking on which it should follow me to list view also it changes url, for example ('localhost:3000/dashboard -> localhost:3000/users/list'). Instead of that it change url like this ('localhost:3000/dashboard -> localhost:3000/dashboard#%20users%20list') and nothing happens.

Ui-router states are as easy as this:

  // For any unmatched url, redirect to /

    // Now set up the states
        .state('/', {
            parent: 'ng-admin',
            url: "/",
        .state('login', {
            url: "/login",
            templateUrl: loginTemplate,
            controller: 'LoginController',
            controllerAs: 'vm'

Java url mapping is
public String index() {
return "redirect:/";

I add menu as written in docs for ng-admin:

var admin = nga.application('myAdm') // application main title
        .debug(false) // debug disabled
        .baseApiUrl('/api/'); // main API endpoint
    var users = nga.entity('users')

    // set the application entities
    //and here is the trouble part
            .title('Admin users')
            .icon('<i class="fa fa-user-secret"></i>')

Also as i found it generate link in menu html like <a href="#users"></a>
Any ideas how to make it work?