OSGI Bundle bean delcaration issue

I’m new to OSGI blueprint definition, I’m trying to accomplish the following :

Bundle 1 : Contains Bean1 (Which has a Bean2 injection) all declared in blueprint1

Bundle 2 : In it’s blueprint2, I would like to use Bean1 (without declaring Bean2)

Result :
Bundle 2 is failing on : missing dependency to Bean2, this makes sense because Bundle 2 doesn’t add Bean2, but I don’t want to make it visible in this bundle, It has some complex configs included in Blueprint1 (And I don’t want to recopy the whole thing in Blueprint2)
I was hoping to create it in Bundle1 and use it in Bundle2

Question :
Is there any way to get this kind of access from Bundle 2 (bean1 is supposed to be like a service used by other bundles) ? If no, is there a different way to do ?

Thank you for your help.