Rascal: Undeclared Annotation in std:///lang/java/flow/JavaToObjectFlow.rsc

In the following code snippet, I attempted to use the createOFG from JavaToObjectFlow.rsc:

void run(loc source) {
m = createM3FromEclipseProject(source);
set[Declaration] asts = createAstsFromEclipseProject(source, true);
FlowProgram p = createOFG(asts);

Upon executing this method, the following error was received:

Undeclared annotation: decl on Expression
Advice: |http://tutor.rascal-

Since the error is coming from std:///lang/java/flow/JavaToObjectFlow.rsc and none of our fellow students receive the same error, I am wondering what is going wrong. The error occurs in both the stable and unstable versions of Rascal.