Read columns from txt file Java

I have a text file (archive.txt) which has 9 columns of data separated by a tab. I want to read the columns and perform simple maths. In the example below, I want to find the average cost(iCost) by adding all policies with high (3) or unlimited (4) in column cData then dividing by the total of high and unlimited. High and unlimited are represented by a 3 and 4, respectively, in the archive file.

There are two System.out.println’s numbered 1 and 2. They are used to see where the program gets to. It doesn’t make it past the first System.out.println.

public int highUnlimited() {
Scanner input = new Scanner(;
    input = new Scanner ("archive.txt");
    int iLargeBundle = 0;
    int iCost = 0;

            String cDate =;
            int cMinutes = input.nextInt();
            int cData = input.nextInt();
            int cLength = input.nextInt();
            boolean cIntCalls = input.nextBoolean();
            String cReference =;
            int cCostPerMonth = input.nextInt();
            String cFirstName =;
            String cSecondName =;       

        if (cData == 3 || cData ==4){
            iLargeBundle = iLargeBundle ++; 
            iCost = iCost + cCostPerMonth;

        int iTotal = iLargeBundle/iCost;
        return iTotal

Any help will be really appreciated! Thank you.