Recursion with Loop and break

I am designing one recursive method which has an for loop and break inside and expecting to break the loop after certain condition met.
Following is piece of code

public static UIComponent findElem(UIComponent component){
UIComponent comp = null;
for(UIComponent child : component.getChildren()){
    if(child instanceof RichSelectBooleanRadio){
        RichSelectBooleanRadio radioButton = (RichSelectBooleanRadio)child;
        System.err.println("radioButton:: + " + radioButton);
        Object val = radioButton.getValue();
        if(val == null){
            val = radioButton.getSubmittedValue();

        System.err.println("val ::" +  val);
        if( val != null && Boolean.parseBoolean(val.toString())){
            comp = child;

In this code loop is not terminating after break.
Could some one help me to identified this issue.

Thanks in advance.