Searching particular string in a string array of split operations

I have a string

str = "Abc=1,gdf=1,ghj=1,pqr=1"

Now I to increment the value of pqr=1 to pqr2 whenever prq will come it will increment the value by 1. So I decided to start by Spitting this string at every “,” so that a part of spilited string array will contain pqr=1 and then I can perform my operation of incrementing.

Code is as follows

String []  parts=str.split("=");

This gives parts of string which contains pqr at index 3 but it is not necessary everytime pqr will be at index 3 so I want to make I it generic. For that I am trying to do as follows:

if(Arrays. asList(parts). contains("pqr") {
    // Do my other split operation 

But I am not able to make it generic by this. I am not getting any error but code is not going inside if statement. Please suggest how to do it.