setting up versions using Eclipse, Maven, Git, Jenkins and Docker

I created a Docker container whose purpose is to run a Docker image that implements a REST API. The REST API is created with Java (using the Eclipse IDE, Maven and Spring Boot). When creating a jar file, it (jar file) is titled: workserver-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar

The code is commited to a Gitlab server. When this takes place, a Jenkins job is created. The Jenkins job pulls down the code from the Gitlab Repository, creates a .jar file and then goes through the actions to turn the .jar file into a Docker image (or rather a .zip version of the Docker image).

“scp” is used move the zip file to a target system – where – the .zip file is unpacked (revealing the Docker image) and a container is started. The thing is, the Docker image being used has a version of “latest” (ex: imagename:latest).

I would like to use versions in this scenario starting with Eclipse (i.e. a pom.xml file holding a target workserver-2.2.13.jar file would eventually lead to Docker image that would be named imagename:2.3.13)

I have seen here how one can assign a version number in Docker:
Adding tags to docker image from jenkins
I have also seen that one can use tags and version numbers in Git :
ex: git tag -a v2.5 -m ‘Version 2.5’ As mentioned above, the Maven
pom.xml file contains instructions to produce a .jar file called:

The system is working fine. I can commit a change in Eclipse and in a few minutes, a new version of the Docker container has been spun up on the delivery system – ready for use.

The issue I have now is setting up the version numbers.

Any guidance in this area would be greatly appreciated.