Struts 2, execute method from a level before the iteration in the iterator tag

The code intends to iterate a list of tag names and call getText () to resolve the internationalization.

In the first case, it works perfectly, an item in the list is accessed and the internationalized label is displayed well.

        <s:set var="label" value="self().labels[0]"></s:set>
        <h5><s:property value="%{getText(#label)}"/></h5>

But if you intend to use getText () from inside the iteration this failure, the message (if I do not understand wrongly) indicates that you try to apply the method to the label object, clearly it is not what I am looking to do.

        <s:iterator value="self().labels" var="label" status="lablesStatus">

            <h5><s:property value="%{getText(#label)}"/></h5>


The error message is as follows:

Method "getText" failed for object application.descripcion.label

If anyone has any idea how to solve it, I will be grateful, while still looking for a solution.