Subclass constructor without one parameter – is it possible? How to do that? [duplicate]

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Let’s start with code first

This is my superclass

public class Burger {

protected String name;
protected MeatType meat;
protected BreadType bread;
private double basePrice;
private EnumMap<Addition, Integer> additions;

public Burger(String name, MeatType meat, BreadType bread){ = name;
    this.meat = meat;
    this.bread = bread;
    this.basePrice = 3.00;
    this.additions = new EnumMap<Addition, Integer>(Addition.class);

and this is the subclass inheriting from it

public class FitBurger extends Burger {

public FitBurger(String name, MeatType meat, BreadType bread){


However, I don’t want my subclass to have a constructor with the BreadType bread but still I want it to keep inherit the variable and set it to a particular value. I want the superclass to remain the way it is too.

Is it possible to achieve that in any possible way?