Topic not found error during application load test of a Spring Kafka application

I am using Spring Kafka 1.2.3 in an application developed with Spring Boot 1.5.8. As in many Spring application, I have a test that tries to verify the configuration of Component resolution made by Spring. The test is something similar to the following.

public class ApplicationTest {
    public void loadContext() throws Exception {}

The problem is that I am also using Kafka Streams in my application. As far as I know, Kafka Streams requires that all user topics are created before application’s start.

In fact, I am facing the error during the execution of the above test. There is a dedicated @Configuration file including streams definitions.

org.apache.kafka.streams.errors.TopologyBuilderException: Invalid topology building: stream-thread [StreamThread-1] Topic not found: asd

How can I overcome this problem? Am I forced to use Kafka Embedded in this simple test? Any workaround?

Thanks a lot.