Unable to pass String containing path with spaces in between to AutoIT using Java

I am working on a Java code which runs AutoIT script. I am trying to attach documents on one website using AutoIT. For that, I am referring to MS Access database and fetching the path from one table to get the documents. I am passing the path to AutoIt like this:

Runtime.getRuntime().exec((ProjectPath+AutoITConfig.getProperty("AutoITExeFilePath")+" "+rs.getString(1)));

where ” rs.getString(1) ” contains the path for the documents.

The problem I am facing here is that the path contains spaces in between, which doesn’t allow AutoIT to copy full path. I searched and found that I have to put the path inside quotes. But I am missing out something and not able to apply it in my code. I tried putting quotes around rs.getString(1) but didn’t work out. I need help on the same.

Thanks in Advance.