Uniqueness in requestcodes of pending intents in triggering alarms

I have a hashmap of (Date, Integer) where Date says the time when I should trigger an Alarm and Integer says for how many days I should repeat the Alarm at that time.

Here, inorder to set multiple alarms using android alarm manager it was said that I should set pending intents with unique request code.

My issue is saying for Example:

My hashmap values-
9:00 AM - 4 days
3:00 PM - 7 days

As of my understanding now I should have total (4+7=)11 pending intents to be set.
now in order to set these alarms, I should have 11 unique request codes..if there are plenty of alarms and the day number increases there are plenty of pending intents to be set where uniqueness is a question mark!

Is that we should generate unique ones or are we having any best solution?

As I’m learning this concept please correct me if I am wrong.

Thanks in Advance!