What is the input for LVQ algorithm in automated essay evaluation?

I have four essays marked with five features-Keywords, misspelled words, number of correct subject-verb agreements, number of punctuations and conclusion.

Each essay is marked with the frequencies of each feature. I have also calculated the weight of each feature I wish to allocate.

What should be the input for the Learning Vector Quantization algorithm in order to classify the essays? Should it be the frequencies or something else?

The value in parantheses indicates the weight for each feature.

Essay  no of Keywords(0.4) no of misspells(0.1) s-v agreements(0.15)punctuations(0.05)
1       11               0               5                       5
2        4               1               1                       5 
3        4               0               4                       4
4        3               2               4                       1